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Is Federated Check

Do you want to know if an organisation is federated already and in eduGAIN? Then the isFederated check tool on this page is what you are looking for. This tool searches all known academic identity federations for matching organisations and then displays the results. There are a few limitations you should know about but if you find it useful, you might also consider querying it via the REST/JSON API. Rest assured that the data you provide is neither stored nor used in any other way than for displaying the results on this page.

In addition, the isFederated Check can also provide you with a list of all known academic identity federations and it can show eduGAIN-ready Organisations.

How does it work?

Provide a space or line separated list of (institution) email addresses (e.g. or just if you don't trust this service), URLs (, domain name ( or a URN ( If a domain is mentioned several times, the result will also show how many times it was mentioned. When entering e.g. all email addresses (or at least the FQDNs of the email addresses) of a community, the result will show a histogram of members per organisations, ordered by organisation.

Watch the isFederated Check Screencast to for a quick start. Please send feedback and suggestions to