eduGAIN Technical Site
  • System updates performed
  • System updates performed
  • Fixed an error in show_global_history API call - the voting-only count was showing incorrect values
  • Updated the documents page with new constitution links.
  • New rule added to the eduGAIN validator - check if EntityAttributes element is located in the Extensions element of EntityDescriptor
  • System updates performed
  • eduGAIN database structure updated
  • A modification of the database procedure called at the end of aggregation - support for planned eduGAIN per-entity history
  • eduGAIN maps made available trough the API calls
  • A modification to eduGAIN summary table, including a small modification of the the statistics method in the main class
  • Added a link to the system changes log
  • New active-only maps implemented
  • Summary numbers table modified
  • Full synchronisation of the technical-test and technical sites with the trough the GEANT git finalised
  • Changes log made available
  • System updates performed

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