eduGAIN is managed on the daily basis by the Opeations Team. Its members are responsible for:

  • Daily technical issues in eduGAIN.
  • Receiving enquiries about eduGAIN and forwarding them to the appropriate body.
  • Receiving and processing applications to join eduGAIN.
  • Preparing an audit plan on the request of the TSG or the GEANT Exec

The technical tasks include:

  • supervising the Metadata distribution Service (MDS)
  • supervising the content of
  • development and management the content of
  • development of tools (like eduGAIN metadata validator)
  • administring the server and software for the GEANT IdP
  • administring the server and software for the GEANT SP Proxy
  • MDS development

eduGAIN OT should be contacted via email to

eduGAIN OT members will sign all official mail with TERENA Certicicate Service personal certificates.

The eduGAIN OT consists of:

Maja Gó

The mail addresses provided, are the ones to which the TCS certificates are attached.