Documentation of eduGAIN database access API

Method: get_entity_name


Show the entity display name, this works as a name resolver of sorts. The name is shown in the specified lanuage (if the corresponfing value exists) or in English as a fallback.

Supported formats: print_r, json

Arguments used:

e_id (required)
allowed values: eitityID string
entityID to search for
type (optional)
default: 7
allowed values: 7 or "all" - all entities; 4 or "idp" - IdPs only; 2 or "sp" - SPs only; 1 or "aa" - standalone AAs only.
limits the results to a givien entity type
lang (optional)
allowed values:
opt (optional)
allowed values: 1 show request innitiator; none or any other - do not show

an array of names assigned to entity roles


show default name
show the Polish name

Show full action list