Documentation of eduGAIN database access API

Method: edugain_status


Provides basic status information about metadata aggregation.

Supported formats: json, print_r

Arguments used:

fed_id (optional)
allowed values: a federation code (see list_fed_codes for a list of available codes).
Limits the results to a single federation.
reg_auth (optional)
allowed values: a federation registration authority URN
Limits the results to a single federation. If fed_id argument is also present then it takes precedence over reg_auth
only_errors (optional)
default: 0
allowed values: 0, 1, 2
0 - show all; 1 - only federations with feed problems including close to expiry; 2 - show only federations with expiry time below the set valid_sec value
valid_sec (optional)
default: 388800 (108 hours or 4.5 days)
allowed values: any non-negative integer
set the alert expiry time to this number of seconds
format (optional)
default: json
allowed values: any supported format

if a valid federation code is present return an array of:

  • code - the Federation Code
  • feed_pull_time - the UTC timestamp of last successful mmetadata pull
  • last_validation - last successfull metadata validation
  • valid_until - the validUntil value as set in last successfully validated federation metadata
  • creationinstant - the creationInstant value as set in last successfully validated federation metadata
  • valid_sec - validity time remaining in seconds
  • feed_problem - 0 when all is fine, 1 when validation fails, 2 when feed is unavailable
  • feed_problem_desc - a textual description of the problem
when no federation code is present an array of code-indexed participating federations with details as described above


only fedrations with problems
show status of PIONIER.Id
show status of PIONIER.Id in JSON

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